Welcome to Clubs 4 Fun

Clubs 4 Fun Pty Ltd is an innovative project with investors that include some of Australia’s leading Licensed Clubs, with current shareholders spanning NSW and ACT. The mission of Clubs 4 Fun Pty Ltd is to provide online entertainment for the primary purpose of:

  • Engaging inactive members
  • Acquiring new members
  • Increasing loyalty with existing members
  • Revenue generation


Want more club members?

Clubs 4 Fun provides products that increase club awareness locally and provide membership gateways to your local area

Want more club visitors?

Bult-in features help to increse the frequency and spend of member visits to your club.

Increase Revenue

Earn from new revenue streams and increase member spend both on and off-site.

Attract new members

By creating high-quality mobile products we’re getting your club brand to new audiences.

Offer Rewards

Built-in rewards system tiered to your members is fully controlled by you via your existing systems.













Increase event attendance

Our apps provide a perfect awareness tool right in the pockets of your members. Users get notified or events and promotions and can opt to book within our app environments.


With features like in-app chat, club tournaments and more, our app provids a greater sense of community for our member clubs.













Club Operations Management

From marketing to customer engagement, Clubs 4 Fun offer our members a complete package with on-going management and operations of all aspects of our products.

App features include…


Free Credits on registration, Daily free credits

Security & Privacy

Individual secure accounts per Club. Clubs can assign and manage users

Club Groups

Club groups can share leaderboards, tournaments and jackpots. Clubs within groups can be linked

Payment gateway for top-up purchase

Users can purchase more credits within App or website

Own Branded UI

Each web and app section will be branded per club

Member chat

In-app and Website member chat built right in


Player acquisition and engagement strategy and ongoing operations

Loyalty & Rewards

Integration with existing loyalty systems. e.g Re-buys can earn loyalty points

New revenue stream

Clubs can now earn from the mobile gaming sector

Amazon Game Tech

Our system is built on Amazon Game Tech

Introducing C4F PlayCity

The first full-release games app created by Clubs 4 Fun

Like to learn how you can become part of the Clubs 4 Fun family?