About Us

-Clubs 4 Fun Pty Ltd is an innovative international initiative and business with investors including some of Australia’s leading Licensed Clubs, with current shareholders spanning NSW and ACT.

The mission of Clubs 4 Fun Pty Ltd is to provide online entertainment for the primary purpose of:

  • Engaging inactive members
  • Acquiring new members
  • Increasing loyalty with existing members
  • Revenue generation

The key objective of C4F is to drive traffic into clubs by developing a suite of Club-owned products for an ever increasingly mobile-facing market.

These products will have the added benefit of:

  • Lowering business risk by a cooperative approach to mobile innovation tresultng in new revenue streams.
  • Improves Clubs digital marketing knowledge, skill and capability.
  • Clubs will own 50% of C4F so a genuine partnership.

The Clubs 4 Fun board

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